Most people just take a handbag or backpack through with them onto the plane, but it's really far more advantageous to pick up a bag specifically designed to function as hand luggage, often referred to as a 'cabin trolley'. These are essentially small suitcases that have been created to fit with the cubic feet requirements given by the majority of airlines – even low-budget ones. If you're a regular flyer, picking one up comes with a whole host of benefits.

Pack to the Brim with Peace of Mind

Unlike other bags, hand luggage cases are made to the precise measurements given by most airlines, with straight edges and squared off corners used to increase their capacity. This is absolutely fantastic for travellers since they are able to fill the case with clothes without having to worry about going over their given capacity. Using a traditional backpack or other common hand luggage container isn't as easy; you might find yourself okay for length, but not for width. If you go over, you will be charged for the excess, but custom hand luggage helps prevent that from happening.

Use Storage Nooks for Organisation

Specially-created hand luggage bags should boast a large main compartment for taking plenty of your items, but the range of options available means that you'll be able to find one suited to your own individual needs. If you're travelling for business, pick up a bag with a laptop compartment; if you're going to have plenty of visas and other pieces of paperwork to worry about, find one with plenty of interior pockets. These bags are perfect for organising all of your travel possessions.

Durable Against Knocks and Bumps

Unfortunately, handbags and backpacks are not very resilient to damage and provide very little protection for the items they are carrying; they can easily get knocked around or have other items stacked on top of them when stowed in the overhead lockers. Hand luggage bags will have been created with just those kind of conditions in mind, so they are remarkably tough.

Easier to Go Without a Hold Bag

Finally, picking a bag that provides a significant amount of space without going over the allotted allowance for hand luggage means that you'll be able to travel without a hold bag more regularly. This obviously won't apply for longer trips, but everything you need for a weekend away should be accommodated easily.

That means that you won't have to worry about queuing up to drop off your luggage before you board or hanging around the baggage carousel waiting for your case to come through. You'll also avoid the possibility of luggage being sent to the other side of the world, all while saving on additional fares.

Buying a hand luggage bag means that you'll be able to take more onto the plane, better protect it from harm, and often forgo the need to wait around after your flight to reclaim your baggage. After a few flights, they could easily end up paying for themselves. Share