Climate change and protecting the environment is a trendy topic these days. Almost everyone has had a say on the subject, with Leonardo DiCaprio even chiming in on the matter during the acceptance speech of his recent Best Actor Oscar win

Doing our bit to help the environment is quite easy, and it starts with buying environmentally friendly goods. If you are a new parent, you can start by buying eco-friendly products for your newborn baby. Read on to find out about three of the must-have environmentally friendly products for your baby.

  • The Eco Nappy. The eco nappy is a wonderful option for kick-starting your dedication to being an eco-friendly parent. There is a wide range of eco nappies available on the market today, with companies offering natural alternatives to traditional disposables. They are free of the chemicals contained in standard disposable nappies such as organochlorines, which pollutes water and causes harm to wildlife. They also have the dual benefit of being better for your baby's skin and provide the convenience of being disposable. 
  • Eco Baby Wipes. As one of the most often used baby products in any household, searching for an environmentally friendly option for baby wipes is a great idea. There is an abundance of biodegradable options for baby wipes that are much less harmful to the environment than traditional baby wipes. Standard wipes are often full of chemicals and are not biodegradable. Instead, you should look for a hypoallergenic option because these contain organic oils such as chamomile, aloe vera and lavender. Oils that are derived from natural sources are perfect for the sensitive skin of a baby.  
  • Glass Baby Bottles. A lot of people are aware that BPA-free plastic baby bottles are the norm these days. BPA is not only bad for your baby, but it also harms the development and reproductive systems of certain aquatic species. What you might be surprised to find out though, is that BPA-free plastic bottles can be just as harmful. The best solution for your child (and the environment) is to use bottles made of glass. Your first instinct when hearing the word glass might be to dismiss it because it has the potential to break, causing injury to your child. Don't worry though. Glass baby bottles are made with tempered glass which is more difficult to break. The majority are surrounded by a silicone sleeve, which protects your baby from injury if he or she somehow manages to shatter the glass. They are devoid of any harmful chemicals, and glass is easy to recycle. It's a no-brainer for the environmentally conscious parent.