Outer influences and a person's preferences are some of the factors that determine the choice of clothes that a person wears. Protection and warmth are some of the obvious reasons why people wear clothes. For women, their ways of dressing communicate a lot about their identity. The following are some of the main factors that contribute to women's fashion style.

1. Modesty

The idea of modesty differs depending on the place and time. However, it greatly influences the fashion sense of women. In some parts of the world and depending on the time, women are forbidden from showing off their legs, back or cleavage. They are required to wear clothes that cover up most of their body parts. For example, the Muslim culture is strict on women because they value modesty and they need them to cover their bodies when they are out in public. Therefore, there is a wide range of long and concealing garments in the market from which one can purchase from. However, some countries and cultures are not strict on what ladies wear, and they can dress as they please.

2. Status and Occasions

Women dress up according to their status in their society. Women with official jobs such as lawyers and managers are required to dress in an official and presentable way whenever they are in their offices. They have a fashion style that can help anyone recognise their position or status. Ladies who take part in games such as tennis have their own fashion style that someone can relate with. 

Women also dress up according to the occasion that they are attending. Someone can choose to wear a long dress that suits a wedding function while they will wear a short tight dress to a birthday party. It is best that you choose a dress that goes well with the ceremony that you are attending, so you do not feel out of place.

3. Beauty

Every woman loves to look beautiful. Hence, any woman will dress up in a way that will make them feel comfortable and beautiful. Women will match their dresses with their hair styles, shoes and handbags. Everyone has a different perspective on beauty. Therefore, most women do not dress up to impress other people, but they go for anything that makes them feel good about themselves. Choosing the right accessory such as earrings for your outfit could also create a difference in your look. If you wear clothes that make you feel good and beautiful, it boosts your self-confidence in return.

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