Things like hi-vis and reflective clothing are common in workplaces. This kind of clothing is there to promote safety, but what are the specific advantages of it?

Increase visibility

Obviously, employees are much safer if they can be easily seen. This is particularly true of people who work around vehicles, whether they're outside or in a place like a warehouse where forklift trucks are used. Someone dressed normally can be almost invisible compared to someone in hi-vis clothing, particularly in dimly lit areas, and this can leave them much more at risk from an accidental collision. It may also be helpful to be easily seen in factories or on construction sites where heavy machinery is used and the operator needs to know when there are people in the nearby area.

Staff morale

Taking care of your employees' safety will have a knock-on effect on their morale. Workers who know that their employer cares about their wellbeing will be happier in their role and will put more care and effort into their work. Workplaces with a high rate of accidents will soon find they are not getting the best out of their staff.


Issuing your employees with hi-vis clothing also gives you the opportunity to add your company's logo and slogan. This has the advantage that it will be easier for members of the public to identify your staff, but it also turns your employees' clothing into a walking advert for your business, particularly if you add a telephone number or email address.


Hi-vis clothing can help to make your employees feel comfortable as they carry out their work. Because of the many different types of clothing available, you can provide thick, warm jackets for outdoor winter work, light T-shirts or even just reflective bands. You can adapt the safety clothing to the environment in which people need to work.

Legal concerns

Finally, you may find that you need to give your staff hi-vis clothing to comply with safety regulations. You will always have a legal responsibility for your employees' health and safety, and the use of this type of safety gear will help ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations.

Hi-vis clothing is a smart way of ensuring your staff stay safe and comfortable while providing extra visibility for your business and helping you meet your safety obligations. Learn more about hi-vis workwear by reaching out to suppliers.