Imagine working in the lumber, construction, or mining industry with your feet exposed to the elements. The chances are high that you will not have the confidence to perform your duties effectively since you will always be cautious of not putting your feet in harm's way. Therefore, the right safety boots are mandatory in specific industries. Although different safety work boots are available in the market, the most common are the zipped and laced-up types. Both kinds offer adequate protection, but the former holds an advantage over the latter, particularly in emergencies. This article highlights the reasons why you will appreciate zipper boots during emergencies. 

Fast to Wear 

The first thing that typically comes to mind when your foot gets trapped in a moving machine or heavy object is pulling yourself out. Therefore, you have no time to undo the laces on your safety boots. Nonetheless, you need to respond quickly or risk losing your foot. Zipper boots are the best alternative because they give you a chance to act swiftly and save your foot from a potentially damaging injury. All you have to do is quickly pull down the zipper and wiggle your trapped foot out of your boot. If you are fast enough, unzipping a boot and pulling your foot out may take you a couple of seconds. 

No Hanging Parts 

Emergencies in the workplaces require workers to be conscious of their immediate environment to avoid further accidents. For instance, when an emergency occurs in a construction site, workers have to stop what they are doing and run to a safe zone. If you have laced-up safety boots, any hanging parts can trip you, causing injuries. However, you do not have to worry about hanging sections with side-zipper safety boots. A zipper is safely tucked in the flap covering the zipper-track, ensuring safety during emergencies. 


In some emergency cases, such as a fire outbreak, it is not often advisable to remove your safety boots because you need to protect your feet from the effects of heat. However, high temperatures may make your feet feel uncomfortable inside boots, tempting you to undo the laces. Unfortunately, it can delay rescue efforts because you have to tie your laces again before moving out of a danger zone. Zipper boots offer much comfort during emergencies because you simply pull the zipper down to let your feet breathe. Once rescue services arrive, you pull the zipper up in one sweep and get going. 

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